Also get upset when your Windows 10 machine goes into a sleep mode and you are forced to enter a password after waking from sleep shortly after? If you are not using Windows Hello function, you can change this behavior very easily in Settings » Accounts » Sign-in options. But if are you enjoying the gains of modern technology and signing-in via fingerprint etc., Microsoft has prepared for us a little surprise. The drop down menu is greyed out and we can’t change this behavior! Or, can we?


Thankfully yes, through registry editing. Just open Start menu and type “regedit” (without quotes) and launch the editor.


After you run the registry editor (the administrator privileges are necessary to do so), click your way into HKEY_CURRENT_USER » Control Panel » Desktop and modify the value for DelayLockInterval. Tick decimal base and enter the intended time delay. The value entered in decimal corresponds to seconds (e.g. 900 in decimal means 900 seconds (= 15 minutes)).


And we are done! Just remember, if you open the menu Sign-in options (Settings » Accounts » Sign-in options), the value for DelayLockInterval will reset to zero and you have to modify the value again.

Still encountering an issue? If you see message “Some settings are managed by your organization.” on the top of the Sign-in options menu and you are still forced to enter password after waking machine from sleep mode with your local account (!), try this “fix” (seen on

Right click on Start menu, choose Run and type “gpedit.msc” (without quotes, the administrator privileges will be necessary for making changes).


There click your way into Computer Configuration » Administrative Templates » Windows Components » Data Collection and Preview Builds and open Allow Telemetry setting for editing. Change the setting to Enabled and from the drop down menu select 3 – Full and confirm the changes (OK or Apply). Then edit Allow Telemetry setting again and change its setting back to Not configured and click OK button. From now you should not be blocked by this message in changing system settings.


I hope you found this post useful. Feel free to comment.